About Us

Tredd was formed in 2009 when insurance brokers Ron Trecroce and Ian Eddy founded a new insurance brokerage in Toronto.

The new firm employed a group of exceptional people who brought an aggressive style of work, creative thinking, and set of firm values that were unique in the brokerage world. These values – delivering tailored insurance solutions, providing the highest level of service, and working tirelessly to deliver the best pricing – remain at the core of our firm today.

In August 2012, Tredd Insurance Brokers Ltd. merged with H.E. Hunt & Associates, and soon after, in March 2013, amalgamated with BKI Risk Management. Both Calgary-based firms had a long history of serving commercial, oil &gas and energy clients in Western Canada. By partnering with these two premier firms, Tredd significantly strengthened its Alberta presence and industry expertise – building on the establishment of its Calgary office in 2010.

Today, we serve a broad range of needs in a broad range of areas. With offices in both Eastern and Western Canada, we truly have a national presence, with established connections with insurance intermediaries and correspondents throughout the world.

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